Parking lot cleaning company in santa cruz



A common problem with parking lot maintenance is the harsh stains caused by oil leaks which will cause permanent damage to your parking lot if not cleaned regularly. Distinctive cleaning products must be used to clean the tough stains and ensure your parking lot is stain-free.

These chemicals can be hazardous if not used properly and will cause more damage to your parking lot than the existing stains. So place your trust in a professional cleaning service like Bewley’s cleaning where our experienced staff will handle the cleaning with care.

Just as a luxurious vehicle is maintained well, it is also necessary to maintain a parking lot to keep up a business’s reputation. It is mandatory to keep your parking lot clean so that your customers are welcomed to a well-maintained business.

How Bewley’s do parking lot cleaning

Bewley’s parking lot cleaning company in Santa Cruz, Salinas, and Watsonville applies a customized parking lot sweeping Santa Cruz pattern to ensure that our sweeping vehicle removes all unwanted trash like plastic lids, cigarette butts, coffee cups, cans, leaves, grass, and other debris from your parking area.

Our state-of-art equipment has minimum impact on the environment and our sweeping techniques reduce the amount of toxic pollutants from reaching the water systems. Our cleaning staff removes the unsightly litter which inhibits people from throwing out trash from their vehicles, which helps in maintaining the cleanliness of the parking lot area.

Also, our cleaning team will notify and coordinate with you on the removal of any illegally dumped items on your property and report vandalism as well.

Our parking lot cleaning includes:

  • Clean out all debris and litter from Garages
  • Removal of all trash, grass, leaves, and debris from the sidewalk
  • Emptying all trash and sweeping all surface lots.
  • We remove all debris using magnetic sweepers

Parking lot cleaning packages

Your cleaning estimate is just a ‘call’ away. Request a FREE QUOTE or give us a call through our sales number, our team will contact you to provide an estimate.

Whatever your cleaning requirement may be (regular, one-off, weekly, bi-weekly) our team will create a plan that satisfies all your requirements.

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