Industrial cleaning service in santa cruz



Normally, a manufacturing Industry cleaning in Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley and Salinas area is always clustered with assembly lines, heavy machinery, processing units, etc., due to which cleanliness and hygiene will be absent constantly. A professional cleaning service can help you with maintaining the workplace with proper cleanliness and sanitize the area to ensure bacteria and virus spreads are contained.

The cleaning expertise of Bewley’s staff spans factories, manufacturing, and production plants across multiple buildings and complex operations. We work according to your cleaning requirements and develop a cleaning pattern to achieve the desired results within your budget.

A clean workplace not only helps in improving the employees’ morale but also helps in keeping employees safe and secure.

How Bewley’s do manufacturing cleaning

Bewley’s Cleaning is a local family-owned industrial cleaning service in Santa Cruz, Salinas, and Watsonville operating with more than 40 years of experience.

Whatever that is needed to be cleaned in your manufacturing facility, even from the front office, plant floor, or the warehouse, the staff of Bewley’s Cleaning has the expertise, experience, and equipment to get the job done right with quality.

Our cleaning crew will create a clean and positive environment for your facility and work based on your schedule to make sure your operation stays productive.

We listen to your needs and respond with a customized plan specific to your facility, scheduled to best fit your business operations. Beyond keeping your facility clean, we help ensure a safer working environment for your employees.

Our Manufacturing/Factory cleans can include:

  • Oil and grease cleaning
  • Chemical spill cleaning
  • Machine, part & assembly line cleaning
  • Floor cleaning, external surface cleaning
  • Staff washrooms and welfare facilities cleaning
  • Canteen and kitchen deep cleans

The benefits of hiring Bewley’s industrial cleaning service in Salinas:

  • More than 40 years of experience in the cleaning industry
  • Professionally trained cleaning specialists
  • We are committed to providing the highest quality of cleanliness.
  • Specialized janitorial crew for industry-specific needs
  • Customized cleaning solutions

Our team cleans windows up to 4 story high buildings

Manufacturing cleaning frequency:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

Manufacturing cleaning packages

Your cleaning estimate is just a ‘call’ away. Request a FREE QUOTE or give us a call through our sales number, our team will contact you to provide an estimate.

Whatever your cleaning requirement may be (regular, one-off, weekly, bi-weekly) our team will create a plan that satisfies all your requirements.

Thank you for your interest in
Bewley's Cleaning.